The Most Significant Benefits of Proton Therapy Include:1-11

Proton therapy is a radiation treatment that precisely delivers the radiation dose to the tumor, allowing patients to receive highly targeted treatment with a lower risk of damage to healthy tissue near the tumor.1 The benefits of which include:

  • Precise targeting of tumors and cancer cells4-6
  • Less radiation to surrounding healthy tissue and organs1-3
  • Reduction of the short- and long-term side effects of radiation treatment4-9
  • Limitation of radiation induced secondary tumor5-6
  • Ability to treat in an area that has received prior radiation5-6
  • Improved quality of life during and after treatment8

Additionally, proton therapy may be appropriate for patients who have reached the limit of traditional radiation and for pediatric patients, who can benefit in particular from a reduced risk of long-term side effects.

Beneficial for children

Children’s bodies are still growing. This means they can have more serious short-term and long-term side effects from X-ray radiation than adults.1,2 Research shows that proton therapy can reduce the risk of developmental and growth delays and abnormalities, reductions in IQ and other issues often linked with standard X-ray radiation. This is why proton therapy is often preferred when children need radiation treatment.

A brain scan showing treatment of a tumor with protons. 

Effective in Treating a Broad Range of Tumors

Although tumors can be treated with surgery, chemotherapy and standard X-ray radiation, proton therapy can be particularly beneficial for patients with certain types of cancer and some non-cancerous tumors. The ability of protons to deposit more energy directly in the tumor makes proton therapy ideal for patients whose tumors are near critical organs or structures.

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